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Carnival & Amusement Park Warehouse's All-New Magazine Goes to Print
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The May Issue of Carnival & Amusement Park Warehouse Extra Goes to Print!
The new magazine covering amusement parks, fairs, concessionaires, and carnivals, will be delivered to subscribers between May 1 and May 15.

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The first edition of Carnival & Amusement Park Warehouse's all new Magazine, Carnival & Amusement Park Warehouse EXTRA has gone to print and is scheduled to hit  mailboxs between May 1 and 15.

Carnival & Amusement Park Warehouse Extra is available to subscribers in the United States and Canada and features a total of 10 issues (6 regular issues PLUS 4 special editions) over a 12 month period.  Our new publication features the latest news from the Carnival, Fair and Amusement Park industry, supported by vibrant and colorful photos.


Aside from our coverage of carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks, our print magazine also features several columns available to our print subscribers only.  These columns will NOT be available online and are exclusive to our printed magazine only.  Several of our exclusive columns include:
  • "A Tale of Time" - Historical Feature
    In this feature, we take a look back at the history of the carnival and amusement industry.

  • Concession Connection
    Concession Connection is a feature dedicated to concessionaires.  Each edition will feature an interview with a concessionaire in the industry describing their operation and providing tips and ideas for others in the industry.

  • Fair & Event Marketing Insider
    Get insider marketing tips from industry professionals on how to better your event.

  • Safety Corner
    Compiled by Avery Wheelock of Worldwide Safety Group, Safety corner will provide ride operators with tips and recommendations on midway safety.

  • Modeler's Workbench
    Modeler's Workbench will feature photos and editorials devoted to the hobby of carnival and amusement ride model building. 

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Subscription Deadline for the June 2022 Issue is May 15
Subscriptions received after May 15 will receive the July 2022 issue as their first issue.


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