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First half of 2022 H-2B Cap Met
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Today, the Seasonal Employment Alliance relased the following update regarding the first half of the Fiscal Year 2022 H-2B visa cap.

USCIS has finally announced that the FY22 first half cap is met. The latest dates of need to get through were early December, a full month earlier than last year. This includes over half the Alaska seafood petitions.
A few notes:
  • If visas are released, a portion of the release will include an allocation for the Northern Triangle countries. 

  • The Seasonal Employment Alliance (SEA) has been working with the administration since late July on a potential First Half/Continuing Resolution (CR) visa release.  The administration was likely responsible for inserting the language in the CR that makes clear their authority to release additional visas extends in the CR. 

  • The SEA is working with it's Alaska seafood colleagues on our grassroots outreach campaign. They have committed to requesting a portion of the 3,500 workers they need from the Northern Triangle countries. This should be helpful in our effort to secure a first half visa release. 

The SEA will continue it's outreach and conversations with the administration but in addition, you should contact your members of Congress to notify them that the first half cap is met and ask them to reach out to DHS to request that they immediately exercise their authority to release additional visas given to them in the CR. 
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