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H-2B Call to Action - Ask your Representative and Senators to Sign on for Cap Relief
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In response to over 70% of H-2B applicants being capped out for the second half of the FY2020 H-2B Cap, Reps. Harris (R-MD), Pingree (D-ME), Bergman (D-MI) and Keating (D-MA) and Senators King (I-ME) and Rounds (R-SD) are circulating a letter to the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security asking that he immediately release all of the additional H-2B visas authorized under the FY2020 DHS Appropriations Bill.

"We hope that this letter will garner an overwhelming number of signatures from Members of Congress and Senators to send a clear message to DHS that we need quick action to address the H-2B cap," said James K. Judkins, president of JKJ Workforce.


What every H-2B Employer AND Suppliers to the Industry Do?


Call Your Representative and Two Senators

Please call your Representative and two Senators and ask them to sign the Harris-Pingree-Bergman-Keating-King-Rounds H-2B letter to DHS. The deadline for signatures is Thursday, January 16.

You can reach your elected officials through the Capitol switchboard at 202-225-3121. Once connected to the office, ask to speak to the staff person who handles H-2B issues. This staffer will generally be the person who works on immigration policy issues.

If you prefer, you can also print a copy of the letter and hand deliver it to your Senators and Representative's offices.  

Download the Letter


Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Please tweet at the President and the Secretary of Homeland Security and copy your Representative and two Senators. Sample tweets are below.

Sample Tweets

@DHS_Wolf @dhsgov @USCIS @SecGeneScalia @USDOL @realDonaldTrump #SaveH2B and save the spring and summer. Additional H-2B visas are needed now to save US jobs.

@DHS_Wolf @dhsgov @USCIS @SecGeneScalia @USDOL @realDonaldTrump Every H-2B worker creates and sustains 4.64 American jobs. More H-2B visas are needed now to save American businesses and American jobs. #saveH2B

@DHS_Wolf @dhsgov @USCIS @SecGeneScalia @USDOL @realDonaldTrump #SaveH2B and save American seasonal businesses.  More H-2B visas are needed now.

@DHS_Wolf @dhsgov @USCIS @SecGeneScalia @USDOL @realDonaldTrump From Jan. 1-5 DOL received requests for 99,362 H-2B workers for 33,000 visa slots.  Increase the cap now or US businesses and US workers will suffer. #saveH2B


Thanks for your continued help to #saveH2B.

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