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H-2B Processing for Additional Visa Allotment begins; USCIS will not conduct a lottery
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UPDATED 5/23/2019

On May 15, USCIS began issuing receipt notices for H-2B filings that were filed for the additional allotment of visas that was announced previously.  Receipts have been dated May 15,  2019 throughout the week.

The additional visas are allotted to only returning workers and it has been estimated that only 66% of the 30,000 cap will be utilized.  On Friday, 

Robert Law, senior advisor at USCIS  office of policy and strategy confirmed that the 30,000 cap was not met and there will be no lottery.

James Judkins, president of JKJ Workforce reported on Friday, May 17 that their office is forwarding copies of receipt notices to employers as they are received.  “About 1/3 of the companies that were capped out have been receipted as of 8 am this morning”, stated Judkins.   “We expect that the balance will be receipted within the next 48 hours.”

On Wednesday, May 22, Judkins updated CarnivalWarehouse to report that 113 petitions have been issued receipt notices from USCIS and 8 had not yet been receipted.  Several petitions have been approved.

"There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which petitions have been accepted for processing.  Employers with a date of need of February are still pending, while some with dates of need of May have been accepted and/or approved," stated Judkins.  

As a founding member of the Seasonal Employment Alliance, Judkins urges all employers to join the SEA, support the OABA's efforts through donations to their PAC fund, and continue to reach out to your members of Congress urging permanent cap relief.  More information on the OABA PAC Fund can be found by clicking here and for information on joining the Seasonal Employment Alliance, click here.
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