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IAAPA Expo: Zamperla Showcases Go Go Bounce & Top Thrill Dragster Car; Rides 4-U Ramps up Production to Meet Demand

Zamperla's New Go Go Bounce was a Hit at the 2023 IAAPA Expo
Several models were sold to undisclosed amusement parks.

Rides 4U - New & Used Rides
As the IAAPA Trade Show wound down on Friday, most participants were very pleased with the strong demand and optimism in the industry.  Buyers were placing orders and planning for the future, orders were being made, futures and expansions were discussed and in general, there seemed to be no big signs of slowing in an industry that has been red hot post-pandemic.

With the exception of weather related issues, it seems that almost all segments of the industry had a solid year in 2023, with attendance and per capita spending up, even at all-time highs.  This gets translated into new projects, new orders and new opportunities, especially in growing, underserved areas of the country.


Zamperla Debuts Go Go Bounce & Top Thrill Dragster 2 Coaster Vehicle

Zamperla is in a unique position to describe the atmosphere in the park business because not only are they one of the largest suppliers of park rides in the US and world-wide, but they also operate parks, including the iconic Luna Park in Coney Island.  From that perspective they see both the sales and consumer sides of the business and are able to work with their clients as manufacturers but also as peers.

Michael Coleman, North American Sales Manager for Zamperla, said the show has been very busy for his company.  In fact, he took 40 hours of meetings over the first three show days.  The conversations were filled with plans for both the short term and long-term futures and he said it seems parks are “doubling down” on expansion and refurbishment instead of backing away, fearing inflation.  

“We are identifying underserved markets, like population shifts to Texas and the Southeast”, he said.  And these shifts drive growth.  But underserved markets can come in other areas as well.   In New York's Coney Island for example, the company is opening for the first time to produce Frost Fest, Nov. 18 - Jan 7.  The event will feature select rides, ice skating, holiday lights, photos with Santa and unique shopping experiences.  In this instance, Zamperla identified an opportunity that was not being served and stepped in the fill the gap and expand their park's offerings.

Underserved markets also come on the manufacturing side.  Over the past several years, Zamperla identified a market and produced rides for multi-generational experiences where kids can experience an attraction along with Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa.  The rides give a bit of a thrill, but are not overly intense and they stepped up the presentation and visualization of these attractions.

Rides like the Nebulaz, Go Go Bounce 8.4, and Magic Bikes XL have been big hits for their product lines. 
The Go Go Bounce 8.4 was on display with the ride sold to an undisclosed location.   The ride is a big upgrade from the classic Jump Around ride, made with larger cars and each arm is controlled individually.  Each car can carry 2 adults and 2 children, making it the perfect multi-generation piece.  

“We have had a fantastic reception of the ride in the market”, said Coleman, adding there are 10 opportunities for the ride going to parks that are being finalized.

Also, on display in the Zamperla booth is the vehicle for the Top Thrill 2 coaster going to Cedar Point in Ohio. The ride was unveiled during the trade show.  The ride is the tallest and fastest triple launch coaster.

Zamperla is also excited about the Magic Bike ride they built for Morgan's Wonderland in Texas.  Coleman says the ride is the most accessible bike ride ever built and gondolas will feature roll on and off for wheelchair accessibility.  He says a rides like this have never been built before and “we are pleased to partner with them on this amazing attraction.”

Coleman said Zamperla had a “very successful show” and said the industry should stay tuned as the company has “a few good things happening” in the near future.


Rides 4-U Increases Factory Capacity for 2024-2025 Deliveries

“We had a really good show,” said Len Soled of Rides 4-U, echoing the sentiment of many from the trade show floor, adding, “it was packed, non-stop in the booth.”

Rides 4-U had 3 pieces on display, a Spinning Coaster, a 45' drop tower that about touched the convention center ceiling and a Mini Break Dance.  

Soled said that his company is still able to produce some of the smaller rides for 2024 with increased capacity, noting that many manufacturers are quoting delivery currently between 2026 and 2029!  “We have some slots for smaller rides in 2024 and everything is open for 2025,” he said.

Soled sold a Mini Break Dance to Blue Sky Amusements, a Drop Tower to Malibu Jacks in Iowa and Spinning Coasters went to Malibu Jacks, Frankie's Fun Park, where they sold one to a location and then sold one to each of the company's parks throughout the Carolinas.

In addition, the company sold additional pieces from their extensive used inventory.  “Buyers were in a good mood,” said Soled, they want to buy, but can't get production.  We are happy to fill those slots for them.” 

Soled is also excited to be introducing a new SBF ride to his inventory, the Zero Gravity, which will be a thrill ride that is gaining a lot of interest.

In the carnival market, Soled said he has sold several mini Break Dances and Reverse Times, the first of which was sold to Powers' Great American Midways.  He will be introducing another new ride to the market, also from SBF/Visa, the Evolux, which he is trying to nail down by the time of the Gibsonton trade show.  The ride will hold twelve passengers on a circular gondola positioned at the end of an arm that rotates up, down and around.  

Soled, fresh from a successful IAAPA trade show, is looking forward to kick off a strong carnival season in February in Gibsonton.

2023 IAAPA Expo Trade Show Coverage

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