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Immersive Care Bears Retailtainment Experiences Planned Soon
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The Care Bears are coming to town. Falcon’s Creative Group and Cloudco Entertainment have teamed up to create a retail and entertainment based immersive environment in a variety of locations.

Attendees can experience and interact with favorite characters from this much-loved and timeless franchise; guests will literally be able to step into the colorful Care Bears universe with hands-on, interactive experiences.

The iconic characters were first introduced in 1982, appearing in television specials and then making a leap to film with The Care Bears Movie trilogy. Care Bears & Cousins, a Netflix original series, launched in fall 2015, while Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, a 2D animated series began early this year on Boomerang, offering a new look and home for the colorful bears. The bears also have their own greeting cards, toys, and other merchandise. The new collaborative project will allow their fans to undertake an experiential adventure, as well as creating what should be a robust new venue for generating merchandise sales.

According to Cloudco Entertainment’s head of global licensing, Robert Prinzo, the company is excited to team with Falcon’s Creative Group to expand the engagement of the Care Bears franchise. “We have experienced great synergy with Falcon’s and look forward to bringing the Care Bears and Care-A-Lot to life with their team,” he says.

Cecil D. Magpuri, president and CEO of Falcon’s Creative Group adds that his company is “honored to be working alongside Cloudco Entertainment to expand the universe of such a timeless brand.” He describes the coming retailtainment venues as incorporating “an exciting blend of technology and the colorful theming the Care Bears brand is known for, creating a one-of-a-kind guest experience.”

In March, Falcon’s Creative Group announced a new alliance with Havres Entertainment to create integrated services. This alliance should dovetail nicely with the Care Bear’s project. With Havres, Falcon’s Creative Group plans to build and run cross-cultural and innovative experiences worldwide.

Magpuri notes that “We are combining forces with Harves Entertainment to bring more profound concepts to life.” He cites the increasing demand for immersive entertainment experiences. “We want to create the next dimension of imaginative and transformative cross-cultural attractions together.”

One of those attractions may just be the candy-colored rainbow world of Care-A-Lot.

Based in Orlando, Fla., Falcon's Creative Group is already home to Falcon's Treehouse, Falcon's Digital Media and Falcon's Licensing. The company is known for working with a wide range of high-profile clients including recent development and design of the Kennedy Space Center’s Heroes and Legends exhibit; a Hunger Games-themed zone at the Hollywood-inspired theme park Motiongate Dubai, and a large-scale National Geographic installation in Times Square, as well as the Queen of Egypt exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C.

Opening 2017 in conjunction with SPE Partners, National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey offers an immersive and interactive underwater journey, using technology to take visitors into the deepest parts of the sea.

Falcon's worked closely with SPE Partners and National to create an authentic experience through the diverse biomes of the ocean. The company developed a variety of interactive touch points throughout the Exploration Hall experience, including interactive games and stations, used in an innovative way to communicate the importance of ocean conservation and help to galvanize visitors to do their part in preserving the wonders of the ocean experienced in the attraction.

Opening this year, the Queens of Egypt is a new exhibition located at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C. Visitors utilize tools such as VR to travel back in time and take a visit to ancient Egypt, learning about the women of Egyptian society and the queens of that era. The exhibition includes over 300 objects and artifacts, including statues, jewelry, and other art works.

Falcon’s produced an immersive 3-D experience for the exhibition taking visitors on a virtual tour through the tomb of Queen Nefertari, one of the best-preserved tombs discovered in the Valley of the Queens. The virtual reconstruction allows visitors to experience the tomb as archaeologists believe it may have looked when originally constructed in Egypt’s 19th dynasty. The high-tech media components supplement the show’s artifacts, allowing visitors to literally step into the ancient world.

The immersive 3-D active shutter theater that recreates the tomb experience was  created with seven projectors across 10-foot high walls with an additional eight projectors covering the floor of the exhibition. The media content was created at 10K resolution per eye and an original musical score. The goal of this installation from Falcon’s was to virtually transport visitors to Egypt and Queen Nefertari’s tomb.

The new Care Bears attraction is sure to offer an equally high-tech experience to draw visitors inside the world of the Wish Bear, Cheer Bear, and Tenderheart Bear among others.

Cloudco Entertainment, formerly known as American Greetings Entertainment, is the owner for iconic entertainment franchises including Care Bears™, Holly Hobbie™, Madballs™, Packages from Planet X™, Twisted Whiskers™, Buddy Thunderstruck™ and its newest brand, Tinpo™.
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