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Mattel Adventure Park is Coming to Kansas City
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Mattel, Inc. is currently launching its plans for a second Mattel Adventure Park through a licensing partnership with Epic Resort Destinations. Bonner Springs, Kansas, a part of the larger metropolitan Kansas City area, will mark the second location after the soon-to-open Glendale, Ariz. location for Mattel’s family-friendly theme parks. The new Bonner Springs location is scheduled to open in 2026 with construction beginning this year. Mattel’s initial Glendale location is on track to open at the end of 2024.

“We are proud and excited to announce Kansas City, Kansas, as the second themed entertainment destination location for Mattel Adventure Park, an Epic Resort Destinations licensing partnership with Mattel,” Mark Cornell, president of Epic Resort Destinations attested, stressing the combination of “Mattel’s powerhouse brands” with “state-of-the-art technology and engaging experiences.”

Planned attractions will include those also slated for Mattel’s Arizona Adventure Park location. At both locations, key attractions will include the themed Hot Wheels roller coasters Hot Wheels Bone Shaker: The Ultimate Ride and the Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer. The Hot Wheels Bone Shaker themed ride is designed to feature the iconic hot rod’s skull design, just as in the Glendale location. The Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer will be double-looping for an accelerated – pun intended – ride experience for guests in both locations.

Also scheduled to be included in the Kansas iteration of the park will be Thomas & Friends: World of Sodor, with five attractions and rides, such as an indoor play area for the youngest park attendees.

According to Mattel chief franchise officer Josh Silverman, “Mattel Adventure Park Kansas City will bring our iconic brands to life with epic roller coasters, family-friendly attractions, an immersive theatre, themed dining and so much more.”  Silverman attests that Mattel is “thrilled” to expand its themed entertainment destinations.

Mattel Adventure Park Kansas City will also bring Barbie’s Beach House to Bonner Springs, which as in Glendale, uses holographic tech to bring Barbie herself to life. Guests can create their own customized Barbie set ups from the Barbie Dream Closet Experience, experience a Barbie-themed immersive “flying” theater, and relax at the Barbie rooftop restaurant and bar.

The new park will also include attractions such as He-Man vs. Skeletor Laser Tag for Masters of the Universe fans; and a mini golf experience with 18 holes inspired by a collection of Mattel games including Pictionary and the Magic 8 Ball. Also on tap is the creation of a UNO themed climbing structure.

While the initial Mattel press release was initially not specific as to the new park’s projected location, the City of Bonner Springs announced the location’s consideration of a major amusement park and entertainment project.

Cornell stresses that the company “thought it was a good fit, and we see Bonner Springs as the heart of America.” Along with this new location and the Glendale, Ariz. locale, Epic Resort Destination and Mattel are eying other future locations as well throughout the U.S.

The Glendale location has recently announced the full breadth of its attractions, which will likely be mirrored in full for Bonner Springs.

Thomas & Friends themed attractions will include Thomas & Friends: World of Sodor, Thomas Adventure Train: Treasure Hunt, Thomas & Friends: Party Station, Bertie's Bus Stop, Bulstrode's Stormy Voyage, Flynn's Firefighting Academy, Harold's Helicopter Tour, Sodor Balloon Ride, the Dockside Play Park, and the Dockside Café.

As for the Hot Wheels themed attractions, along with the two coasters, guests will find the Hot Wheels Unleashed 4D Ride, Hot Wheels Legends Bar, Hot Wheels Party Pit Stop, Hot Wheels Go-Karting: Raceway, Hot Wheels Go-Karting: Skyway, and the Hot Wheels Speed Challenge.

Barbie’s themed attractions will include the aforementioned Barbie Dream Closet Experience, the flying theater which allows guests to join Barbie underwater and outer space among other destinations, and the Barbie Beach Rooftop. A 4,500-square-foot laser tag arena is designed to look like the Masters of the Universe’s iconic Castle Grayskull Fortress.

The Arizona park includes an approximately five-acre indoor climate-controlled space. While that location was developed with Arizona heat in mind, Cornell wants a year-round destination for Bonner Springs as well.

The timing is certainly ripe for a Mattel theme park expansion, between the box-office hit Barbie film and a current production already under way for a Hot Wheels film, visitors will be primed to visit Mattel Adventure Park locations, he believes. Cornell predicts tourists flying in or driving for distances as long as 6 hours to visit. He says the brands will continue to be relevant and labels the attractions themselves as “world class.”

According to Cornell, “...the power of the brands will affect tourism, will certainly affect business and will create the tax dollars needed to support these sorts of economic stimulus package.”

In Bonner Springs, the Mattel amusement park is poised to be located on a 180-acre area of land. That acreage was originally planned for use as a $500 million mixed-use campus to include a mix of arts and entertainment areas and residences to be called Bonner Crossing.

Along with Mattel Adventure Park, the center is also looking at the creation of a 10-acre lake which the amusement park will border, three hotels, an upscale RV resort, a convention center, retail shops, and even a year-round Christmas-themed museum and ice rink. The developers project that the amusement park would generate $92 million in sales in its first year, with the number doubling by 2027.

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