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New Additions Come to Sesame Place San Diego
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Sesame Place San Diego is adding new attractions for 2023, the park's first since its opening, just last March.

The theme park will be adding Count's Splash Castle and the Sunny Day Café to its lineup. Count's Splash Castle is just what it sounds like – a castle-like water attraction with multiple levels. The café allows park visitors to partake of many different food options, buffet style, while accompanied by performing Sesame Street characters.

Speaking of characters, there's a new one coming to Sesame Place San Diego as well – Tango, Elmo's adopted puppy, just debuted as a meet and greet character in February, replete with a welcoming ceremony. Tango, who loves to sing and dance, first appeared in a 2021 Sesame Street animated special titled Furry Friends Forever: Elmo Gets a Puppy. The character then joined Sesame Street's live action show for its 52nd season and appears in animated format as well. Tango's presence at the park was highlighted every Saturday and Sunday throughout February.

The park will also offer a variety of Tango themed events this year. The opening weekend for Tango the puppy included a variety of themed events from a scavenger hunt offering a selection of prizes with a pet theme, such as bandanas and tennis balls, and participation in the game Tango's Treat Seek. A pet adoption event the last weekend in February will bring park guests the opportunity to meet real-life rescue doges like Tango and local pet adoption groups as well. Tango will also join the Sesame Place parade as an on-going character.

Turning to the new ride and new dining option, both are scheduled to open in time for summer visitors to the park. Count's Splash Castle includes a whopping 111 play elements for kids, including two large-scale tipping buckets that can dump over 1300 gallons of water. Also on hand at the multi-level structure: three water slides, soakers, hose and spray jets, flow pipes, water shooters, and water curtains. There are also a variety of troughs to tip and buckets that spin and slide. The new attraction replaces the previous splash area located in the park, but it is double the size of its predecessor.

As to the Sunny Day Café, the new eatery is indoors and air-conditioned. The buffet style meals will be served up in a 5,000-square-foot space that's made to include various dining activities and events such as Dining with Elmo & Friends. It can hold as many as 160 park visitors and promises an immersive and interactive experience with singing and dancing, as well as photo ops with beloved Sesame Street characters.

There's another new dining option as well: quick grab and go snacks and drinks are available at Big Bird's Beach, a location that also includes mobile ordering for its menu. In fact, mobile ordering will be made available at a wide range of dining options throughout the park.

According to Sesame Place Park president Jim Lake, “Between our new attractions, increased dining options and 2023 event lineup that will be all-new to our guests, we look forward to an amazing year.” He says that the park is adding a variety of new activities and events and increasing the opportunities available for guests to interact with beloved characters, as well as expanding dining choices and adding the mobile ordering feature.

All these additions are designed to add to the comfort and convenience of guest experiences at the park, Lake says. The park features 18 different Sesame Street-themed rides over 17 acres including a child-size coaster, a carousel, Elmo's Rockin' Rockets, and what may be the most popular attraction at the park, Sesame Street itself,  interactive location with familiar scenes to fans of the show. There are also water attractions such as Big Bird's Beach to add to the fun. Most of the rides and attractions are geared for young children, making it a favorite for parents of preschoolers. Bigger kids over 38 inches in height can enjoy experiences such as Super Grover's Box Car Derby, and the Cookie Monster Climb, as well as the Sesame Street Soar & Spin which allows a wide view of the park from the top of this balloon ride.

Live shows, meet and greets, and a park parade are also popular parts of the Sesame Place Park experience, and this year there will be new events joining the entertainment lineup. The new events will start this spring, and include Elmo's Eggstravaganza, Elmo's Springtacular, and a Summer Fun Fest. Later in the year, guests can enjoy events such as The Count's Halloween Spooktacular and A Very Furry Christmas.

A final plus for parents and caregivers: Sesame Place is officially recognized as a certified Autism Center, with team members receiving specialized training  in the expertise necessary to provide a good experience for all kids. There is also a Sensory Guide posted at all attractions in the park, explaining how a child with sensory challenges could be affected by a particular ride or other attraction. Quiet rooms and low-sensory locations for parade watching complete the special-needs-friendly picture at the park. Sesame Place partnered with The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) to receive its autism certification.

Sesame Place season passes for 2023 are $141 for six months. Along with admission, pass purchasers, receive free parking, as well as free tickets for friends and discounts on water attraction cabana rentals. The season passes can be combined with an annual pass for SeaWorld for $87 annually.
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