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New Rocket Rapids Takes Quassy Amusement & Waterpark Guests on a Wild Wet Ride in 2022
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For 2022, Quassy Amusement Park offered a new ride at the park's Splash Away Bay waterpark, an innovative water coaster. The waterpark attractions have come a long way since Quassy first dove on in back in 2002.

The water coaster, Rocket Rapids, come from Canadian company ProSlide Technology. According to the family-owned park's president and park co-owner, Eric Anderson, the ride is “an incredible addition” to the waterpark. Citing the ride as the first attraction of its kind in the state, Anderson attests that “Rocket Rapids takes the guest experience to the next level.”

 He says the ride integrates some of the latest technology in waterslides,” Anderson, says, describing water jets that powerfully push each two-person raft uphill. “Riders experience some exhilarating drops and high-banked turns,” he notes.

While the attraction is a major expense for the park, the exact cost has not been stated, although it is described as topping 2018's waterpark addition Category 5 Rapids Extreme Waterslides and 2011's Wooden Warrior roller coaster.

But judging by guest enthusiasm, the capital outlay is worth the cost. Long queue lines and enthusiastic comments from rides prove the point, as do riders who Anderson says come off the ride and get back in line for another without pausing. “We heard nothing but great comments as they exit the splash pool – exactly what we had hoped for and anticipated…” Anderson relates.

Over 600-feet long, the ride can carry up to 340 guests per hour. Rocket Rapids utilizes ProSlide's patented RocketBLAST water jet propulsion system, high powered jet thrusts that lift the ride's rafts up three different inclines.

According to ProSlide, the RocketBLAST technology allows water to stay at the same elevation even while it pushes the tubes up the flume. It's also capable of providing high-speed banked turns that accelerate with most of the water going over the top of the rise. This capability is due to four ProSlide FlyingSAUCER elements.

“The first drop on the ride is nothing short of exhilarating,” Anderson says, adding that the action is “swooping.”

ProSlide CEO and chairman Rick Hunter isn't surprised at the ride's success. He lauds both the ride and Quassy as the operator. He describes the park as having “the greatest stuff in the world” and being “a small park that can” essentially succeed at anything because “Quassy owners understand guest appeal and what real entertainment is.”

As to the coaster, Hunter's enthusiasm abounds. “There is more happening on this water coaster than any other water ride on the planet. Every split-second something changes…” He describes the experience as “the wettest water ride you've ever been on.”

This is due at least in part to the fact that as riders top each of the ride's rises, water pours over the passengers. “This is truly as close to a roller coaster as you are going to get on a water ride,” he attests.

ProSlide has provided a whopping 16 of the waterslides at Quassy's Splash Away Bay. The new raft ride is positioned at a location formerly housing the park's Lakeside Pavilion which was removed for Rocket Rapids. Some remaining space will be used to add additional cabana rentals.

While the water coaster certainly lives up to its fast moving, excitement propelling name, Rocket Rapids was not named by Quassy. Rather, the name selected for the ProSlide ride came from a contest held in local elementary and middle school locations.

Once selected, the winning entry netted one 4th grade homeroom at Canton Intermediate School in Canton, Conn., commemorative T-shirts as well as park passes. The prizes were awarded by one of the park's owners, George Frantzis II, at a spring school ceremony.

The new attraction is the single largest investment in Quassy's 114-year operating history. It's also the fifth major waterpark expansion since its opening in 2003. The park “waded in” to the waterpark business by opening Saturation Station, an interactive family water play area. The area featured cascading fountains, water cannons and a very large tipping bucket as well as two waterslides. Three years later, the park added two large Tunnel Twister waterslides which drew a wider range of guests to the wet area of Quassy's attractions. It wasn't until 2013 that the waterpark was officially called Splash Away Bay. In that same year three large waterslides and a splash pad for tots were added, and the amusement park itself became Quassy Amusement & Waterpark.

New additions were quickly brought in, notably Slide City in 2016. This attraction featured five separate water elements for young children. In 2018, Category 5 Rapids – Extreme Waterslides was brought in to provide a thrill ride experience. This ride offers three large-scale raft rides which each launch from a single tower.

Splash Away Bay is adjacent to Quassy Beach on Lake Quassapaug, which provides more watery fun. Admission to the waterpark is included on one combination wristband; however, Quassy also offers a different water wristband for guests who only want to enjoy the slides and the beach.

In 2022, Monday through Friday adult admission combo wristbands sold for $34.99; $24.99 for kids; on the weekend, prices are $5 more per wristband.
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