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Six Flags Fiesta Texas Introduces New Family Rides
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The focus is on family attractions at Six Flags Fiesta Texas with new DC Universe rides coming next year; the largest collection in fact of DC Universe attractions to be found at any amusement park in the U.S. The rides will offer new superheroes and bad guys to thrill and entertain park attendees. Along with these new rides, the park will also be upgrading some existing attractions.

New rides will include the Cyborg Cyber Revolution, which offers circular spinning thrills with what the park describes as a “visually stunning and airtime-filled ride experience.” The attraction will utilize four arms, each individual and rotating in rapid “intermeshing orbits.” Guests will be seated upright with the arms swinging circularly, and the tower itself rotating. Riders will move both clockwise and counterclockwise as they rise into the air.

The park's new Shazam! Tower of Eternity is also an experience that utilizes rotation, in this case, a rotating drop tower. Guests on this family-friendly thrill ride will climb to a top height of 70-feet before experiencing the thrilling pleasures of “bounce and drop sequences” upon descent.

While both rides can be considered thrill experiences, the third new ride, the Metropolis Transit Authority, will be a more relaxing experience, letting its riders “relax and enjoy an aerial view” while positioned 17 feet above DC Universe land. Guests will climb aboard two smooth riding, Art Deco-designed, monorail trains. The trains will carry 16 passengers.

But that's not all: Six Flags Texas is also making upgrades/rethemes to several of its other attractions in the park, such as The Penguin: Gotham City Getaway, Supergirl Sky Flight, and Poison Ivy Toxic Spin. The park is still not confirming design approval on two other ride concepts/revamps: Bat Girl: Coaster Chase and the Green Lantern Emerald Flight.

Additionally, El Aserradero, the park's log flume ride which first opened in 1963, will transform into El Rio Lento, one of the world's longest log flumes, in 2024. The improved ride will feature one new lift hill and two new drops, one of which will include a long and steep dive - nose-down.

According to park president Jeffrey Siebert, “Six Flags Fiesta Texas continues to invest in the guest experience and create a dynamic collection of multigenerational attractions for every member of the family,” he states. Siebert adds that “The addition of three new rides along with the reimagining of several others will create the largest and most exciting DC Universe” in the country. He calls the additions a “truly immersive experience.”  

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is getting a deserved reputation for innovative experiences. In 2023, the park introduced a brand new esports facility that includes gaming PC and console stations that offer state-of-the-art equipment.

Throughout the Six Flags family, changes and upgrades are afoot in more than twelve locations. Six Flag Fiesta Texas may have the most compelling new attractions, however, with their DC Universe rides designed for three different levels of rider thrill-seeking.

At Six Flags Over Georgia, summer of 2024 will bring a new Intamin Ultra Surf coaster sporting spiffy surfboard-shaped trains that enhance the thrills with seats that are free-spinning. The name has not yet been determined, but it will take riders both backwards and forwards at a top speed of 60 miles per hour through a splash pool, allowing guests to really “soak in” the fun.

Six Flags Great Adventure, located in New Jersey, will celebrate its 50th anniversary with something new as well: a boomerang coaster called The Flash: Vertical Velocity. It is designed to move both backwards and forward, traveling at a wild speed of 60 miles per hour. At the same location, the Wild Safari Park area will become the home of a brand-new spa experience. Yes, a spa at a theme park, the new Savannah Sunset Resort & Spa will offer a glamping experience that includes tents and VIP-style dining experiences, as well as spa services.

At Six Flags St. Louis, the new attraction will be The Joker: Carnival of Chaos, an excitingly large, 17-story-tall experience that spins guests around up to a speed of 75 m.p.h. In Chicago, at Six Flags Great America, there will be another 17-story-tall attraction: the Sky Striker.

New York's Six Flags Great Escape will receive a new Bobcat wooden roller coaster, a family-friendly ride that will ultimately reach a speed of almost 40 miles per hour, and take riders along fast hills, curves, and tight turns. And finally, in Maryland, at Six Flags America, the SteamTown area of the park will be rethemed just in time for the park's 25th anniversary celebration. The area will be steampunk themed and include a new family thrill ride dubbed the SteamWhirler.

Six Flags posted its financial results for the second quarter of 2023, reporting increases in attendance and revenue, a boost that allows the company to expand with these multiple different attractions and rethemes at over a dozen parks. According to Six Flags president and CEO Selim Bassoul, “This investment is central to our strategy to create fun and memorable experiences for every member of the family and reinforces Six Flags' position as the leader in thrills… [building upon] recent efforts to offer new events and dining experiences…introducing new rides for thrill-seekers and families, all while making improvements to many existing and popular rides."
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Rides 4U - New & Used Rides
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