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Six Flags Invests in New Attractions for 2024
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Six Flags Entertainment is bringing on the new rides for 2024 parkgoers with a vengence.

First up: at New York's Six Flags Great Escape, a new roller coaster will make its debut, and not just any coaster. The park will present the only new wooden roller coaster in North America, the Bobcat. The ride is being designed by The Gravity Group as a family coaster, replacing the park's Alpine Bobsled ride. The size and design of the ride should be fun for all ages.

Six Flags Great Escape marketing rep Jennifer Mance added that while it was a hard decision to retire the Alpine Bobsled, the company was committed to finding “an attraction to deliver family thrills but was not so weather dependent.” The trackless bobsled ride could often be shuttered during rain.

Mance calls the new coaster a “perfect fit.” She says that as the first new coaster at the park's location since 2003, Its size and scope, including the all-natural wood and quintessential coaster design, make it the perfect fit.”

The coaster will offer a track length of 1,412 feet and have a height of 55 feet. It will have two trains that can run up to 40 miles per hour and will hold 12 passengers in each. It will also have plenty of thrills from extended airtime to what the Gravity Group calls a “head-chopper” effect, made possible by the configuration of the track which is designed to create the thrilling illusion of an extremely tight opening which the train must pass on through.

Mance notes that the coaster will have a 42” height restriction, positioning it to serve as a thrill for “new coaster enthusiasts” before they advance to experiencing coasters such as The Comet.

Meanwhile, at Six Flags Over Georgia, the park will be debuting Intamin's Ultra Surf. The ride was first introduced by Intamin in 2021, but this will be its first installation anywhere in the world. Sascha Czibulka, executive vice president for Intamin says that the ride consists of  two 10-seat spindles which rotate around a single platform. The spindles seat 20 passengers who will be propelled forward and back up two reverse spikes, including a speed bump positioned in the middle of the ride. While it includes water features, riders won't find themselves necessarily getting soaked. Instead, Czibulka says that the water features will create “different fountain patterns” that can be manipulated upon installation to control “just how wet you want your riders to get…” Riders may experience passing through a water curtain or “speeding through a water vortex tunnel” depending on the configuration.

This kind of configuration is not limited to water only. The ride design can be altered with the addition of a fog tunnel or fire show, as an example. The Ultra Surf is presently unnamed, and the park is holding a contest to decide its moniker.

At Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, the park is adding what will be the first Vekoma Super Boomerang in North America. The ride will be called Flash: Vertical Velocity, and make its debut as the park's 15th rollercoaster.

Unique features of the coaster include its launch of passengers both forward and backward up the side of a central tower, two times. There will be four inversions and plenty of hangtime. Vekoma terms the ride “the first model of our new generation of Vekoma's thrill LSM launch coasters in the States.” Ricardo Tonding Etges, Vekoma's vice president of sales, calls the ride long-awaited, and one that combines a state-of-the-art and extremely comfortable vehicle with a track layout that is unique for the amount of airtime, inversions, and launches it offers.  

The ride opened in Asia in 2023 and has received high praise as an excellent shuttle coaster. Etges asserts that the variety and amount of ride elements in a compact footprint will serve to surprise riders, including elements such as airtime, multiple inversions, a triple launch tower, vertical stall, cand  forward and backwards elements. Besides the excitement all these elements pack in, the ride provides major visual impact at parks due to its 170-foot tall tower.

Along with this thrilling new ride, Six Flags Great Adventure is taking on something completely different as an adjunct to its animal safari theming. The park will be introducing the Savannah Sunset Resort & Spa, which will serve as a luxe glamping experience positioned close to the giraffes at the park. Along with an overnight stay, the resort will present fine dining as well as a cutting-edge spa. This addition should serve as a strong draw for the park with adult guests.

And there's yet more in store for Six Flags Parks. Six Flags America in Bowie, Maryland, is retheming its entire Coyote Creek land into SteamTown, a steampunk-themed section of the park with three reimagined attractions.

The revamped and rethemed rides will be the park's bumper cars, suspended coaster, and rapids ride, each of which will receive newly themed trains. The area will also include a new ride called SteamWhirler from Zamperla. A NebulaZ ride that's popular for the company, the attractive ride should serve as a beacon for park goers due to its visual appeal as well as being an exciting ride.

The new SteamTown land will also include the return of a rethemed, air-conditioned dining option and a new quick-service dining choice, as well as the park's well-regarded stunt show.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio also has new rides in store, three in all from Italy's Zamperla. They will include a NebulaZ, a family drop tower, and a retro-themed observation train ride. The latter marks a renaissance of sorts for a Zamperla Aerial Ride with custom theming. It will provide an expansive view of the park's DC Comics area, and will be configured to allow four riders per cabin and 16 per train with two trains in all. The cabin will be covered to provide shade for guests as they ride to take in the view. According to Six Flags Texas president Jeffrey Siebert, all three of the new rides were developed based on guest research and industry trends and are part of the park's commitment to “building experiences everyone in the family can enjoy together.”

Other rides in the park's DC area will get a revamping, designed to make what was once a children's area in the park into a family-friendly group of attractions with a superhero theme. Siebert says that five rides in all will be rethemed for a “consistent storytelling experience.”

Opening this fall is the Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster; once the park's Fright Fest event ends in October, the area will close in a series of phases to work on the construction of the new DC Universe.

Also in Texas, Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington will be adding a new lift connecting two log flume rides with the result being the longest log flume ever constructed. The new combo ride will also feature upgrades and retheming that has yet to be disclosed by the park.

And finally, both Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, and Six Flags St. Louis will get Zamperla's Giga Discovery, a ride that has already been introduced and is popular at other Six Flags parks. Offering 175 feet in height and a speed of close to 75 miles per hour, these pendulum rides should offer plenty of exhilarating thrills.
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